Day-4 Highlight Bout: Enho VS Aoiyama

In the sport of Sumo, there can hardly be a more disproportionate matchup than these two rikishi; at 169.0cm tall and weighing just 96kg, Enho is the smallest rikishi in the dohyo during the July tournament, whilst his Bulgarian opponent, Aoiyama, is 192cm tall and weighs 194kg.

Watch Day-4’s bout here:

Enho vs Aoiyama, July 2020.

Taking into account the form factor of both rikishi, along with their respective ranks (Aoiyama, Maegashira #4; Enho, Maegashira #6), the odds seemed to lean towards Aoiyama going into the bout. However, Enho had won the previous encounter between these two wrestlers – Day 5, November 2019 – in an evenly matched fight, which ended after a brief stale-mate followed by a barrage of slaps, which ultimately resulted in Enho winning by hikiotoshi (“Hand pull down”).

In the 2020 July tournament, Enho proved too quick for his giant opponent; after a strong tachi-ai, Enho provided some forward momentum which was countered strongly by Aoiyama. The difference in power almost 100kg afforded Aoiyama would have been too much for Enho to hold. So, thinking on his feet, the young rikishi swiveled and pulled Aoiyama out of the ring. Enho won by tsukiotoshi (“Thrust down”).

Watch the pair’s previous bout here:

Enho vs Aoiyama, November 2019.

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