May Grand Sumo Tournament 2021: Days 13-15; Terunofuji Crowned Champion!

Terunofuji wins fourth Makuuchi Division title Ozeki Terunofuji has officially won the 2021 May basho, claiming his fourth career yusho in the prestigious Makuuchi Division. The Ozeki is the second most decorated active sumo wrestler behind the legendary Yokuzuna Hakuho, who missed the tournament due to receiving knee surgery two months ago. Terunofuji looked inContinue reading “May Grand Sumo Tournament 2021: Days 13-15; Terunofuji Crowned Champion!”

Day 15 Highlights

Today marked the 15th and final day of play in the July 2020 basho and with the prospect of a four way fight for the Yūshō at the start of play, day 15’s action provided an entertaining ending to the first Sumo tournament since March. Ichinojo Granted a Makuuchi Bout for Final Day Ichinojo madeContinue reading “Day 15 Highlights”