November 2020: Days 12 to 15 (5/5)

Welcome back to the fifth and final installment of our 3-Day review series of November’s Sumo basho! In this review, we shall be looking at the closing stages of the November meet and assessing the yusho winner Too little too late for Enho It was a poor tournament for the Maegashira #11 and fan favourite,Continue reading “November 2020: Days 12 to 15 (5/5)”

Day 15 Highlights

Today marked the 15th and final day of play in the July 2020 basho and with the prospect of a four way fight for the Yūshō at the start of play, day 15’s action provided an entertaining ending to the first Sumo tournament since March. Ichinojo Granted a Makuuchi Bout for Final Day Ichinojo madeContinue reading “Day 15 Highlights”

July 2020: Day-15 Final Day Fixtures & Results (2nd of August)- Complete

Following on from Day-14’s bouts, we have now reached the final day of play here on Day-15 of 2020’s July tournament – 2nd of August 2020. Absent rikishi: Kakuryu – Day 2. Abi – Day 7 (breached lockdown restrictions). Kotonowaka – absent from Day 8; Returning from Day 14. Takakeisho – Day 12 Hakuho –Continue reading “July 2020: Day-15 Final Day Fixtures & Results (2nd of August)- Complete”