Day 15 Highlights

Today marked the 15th and final day of play in the July 2020 basho and with the prospect of a four way fight for the Yūshō at the start of play, day 15’s action provided an entertaining ending to the first Sumo tournament since March. Ichinojo Granted a Makuuchi Bout for Final Day Ichinojo madeContinue reading “Day 15 Highlights”

July 2020: Day-15 Final Day Fixtures & Results (2nd of August)- Complete

Following on from Day-14’s bouts, we have now reached the final day of play here on Day-15 of 2020’s July tournament – 2nd of August 2020. Absent rikishi: Kakuryu – Day 2. Abi – Day 7 (breached lockdown restrictions). Kotonowaka – absent from Day 8; Returning from Day 14. Takakeisho – Day 12 Hakuho –Continue reading “July 2020: Day-15 Final Day Fixtures & Results (2nd of August)- Complete”