September 2020: Day 3 Roundup

We’re three days into the September basho and there already have been many talking points. So, without further ado, let’s discuss sumo! Days 1 – 3 Well, not really surprising due to the amount of injuries going around in professional Sumo’s current climate, but many rikishi have pulled out of this Aki tournament: Yokozuna, Hakuho,Continue reading “September 2020: Day 3 Roundup”

July 2020: Day-3 Fixtures & Results (21st of July) – Complete

(Score board taken from Wikimedia Commons) Following on from Day-2’s exciting bouts, here are the fixtures for Day-3 of 2020’s July tournament – 21st of July 2020. Absent rikishi: Kakuryu – Day 2. East Winner West Juryo #1Meisei (3-0) Meisei  Kotoyuki(0-3) Terunofuji(3-0) Terunofuji Chiyomaru(0-3) Kotoshoho(3-0) Kotoshoho Nishikigi (1-2) Kotoeko (2-1) Kotoeko Wakatakakage(0-3) Takayasu(2-1) Takayasu Kotoshogiku(2-1)Continue reading “July 2020: Day-3 Fixtures & Results (21st of July) – Complete”