Watch Grand Sumo Live – Day 3 (21st of July 2020)

Sumo has provided some excellent highlights reels over the years, but is equally as riveting live! For live updates on the 3rd day of Sumo, check out the Fixtures and Results page. So, why not join us in watching the July basho live through the following channels: Watch Grand Sumo Highlights on NHK-World Japan! BroadcastContinue reading “Watch Grand Sumo Live – Day 3 (21st of July 2020)”

July 2020 Day-2: Kakuryu absent through injury

The July basho got off to a rocky start for the mongolian wrestler, Kakuryu; not only did he trip up in his first bout against Endo – during an attempted manoeuvre to disrupt his Maegashira #1 opponent’s balance – but that same koshikudake – “inadvertent collapse” – aggravated an elbow injury he had sustained inContinue reading “July 2020 Day-2: Kakuryu absent through injury”