Day 13 Highlights

Tochinoshin Kachi-Koshi In the first bout of the day, Tochinoshin achieved his first kachi-koshi in over a year meaning he now has scored more wins than losses in this July basho. Tochinoshin fought Chiyomaru in the day 13 opening bout in a mawashi battle. Kotoshoho Kachi-Koshi Along with Tochinoshin, the young rikishi Kotoshoho has achievedContinue reading “Day 13 Highlights”

July 2020: Day-13 Fixtures & Results (31st of July)- Completed

Following on from Day-12’s bouts, we have now reached the second half of the tournament here on Day-13 of 2020’s July tournament – 31st of July 2020. Absent rikishi: Kakuryu – Day 2. Abi – Day 7 (breached lockdown restrictions). Kotonowaka – absent from Day 8; Returning from Day 14. Takakeisho – Day 12 HakuhoContinue reading “July 2020: Day-13 Fixtures & Results (31st of July)- Completed”