May Grand Sumo Tournament 2021: Day 1 Review

Yokozuna absent; Ozeki take centre stage once again! Following the withdrawal of Yokozuna Hakuho – due to more recovery time needed after surgery on a prolonged knee injury – all eyes fall on the Ozeki ranked wrestlers who, after winning all four of their day 1 bouts in the 2021 May basho, are once againContinue reading “May Grand Sumo Tournament 2021: Day 1 Review”

September 2020: Day 3 Roundup

We’re three days into the September basho and there already have been many talking points. So, without further ado, let’s discuss sumo! Days 1 – 3 Well, not really surprising due to the amount of injuries going around in professional Sumo’s current climate, but many rikishi have pulled out of this Aki tournament: Yokozuna, Hakuho,Continue reading “September 2020: Day 3 Roundup”

July 2020 Day 1: Opening day upset for Yokozuna Kakuryu.

The opening day’s action saw a major upset for Yokozuna Kakuryu where he failed to defeat the Maegashira #1 rikishi Endo. The lower ranked wrestler won the bout by koshikudake (an “inadvertent collapse”) after Kakuryu attempted to disrupt the balance of his opponent through an attempted trip. Watch the the action from Day-1 July BashoContinue reading “July 2020 Day 1: Opening day upset for Yokozuna Kakuryu.”

Watch Grand Sumo Live – Day 1 (19th of July 2020)

Sumo has provided some excellent highlights reels over the years, but is equally as riveting live! So, why not join us in watching the July basho live through the following channels: Watch Grand Sumo Live on NHK-World Japan! Broadcast for the second half of action starts at 09:10 BST or 08:10 UTC on the 19thContinue reading “Watch Grand Sumo Live – Day 1 (19th of July 2020)”