September 2020: Tournament Preview

After an exciting return to the ring for the July tournament, Grand Sumo will make its return for the annual Aki tournament, hosted in Tokyo’s Kokugikan arena (from the 13th of September through to the 27th). This basho looks set to offer an entirely new dynamic to the sumo world, with plenty of young JūryōContinue reading “September 2020: Tournament Preview”

September 2020 Grand Sumo Tournament Listings

The Banzuke (rankings) for each Makuuchi (top division) wrestler can be found below (sorted by descending order of rank). Note: – E denotes “East”, – W denotes “West”. Yokozuna Hakuho – E Kakuryu – W Ozeki Asanoyama – E Takakeisho – W Sekiwake Shodai – E Mitakeumi – W Daieisho – E Komusubi Okinoumi –Continue reading “September 2020 Grand Sumo Tournament Listings”