March 2021: Days 10-12

Takayasu continues to shine!

As the 2021 Spring Grand Sumo tournament reaches its concluding days, Komusubi Takayasu looks to settle his claim on the Yūshō after defeating Maegashira #2 Hokutofuji on day 12 with an oshidashi technique (frontal push out). Takayasu now holds a spectacular 10:2 win record heading into day 13 of the prestigious event.

Takayasu’s Spring campaign began rather slowly: initially suffering a defeat to Maegashira #3 Meisei, few expected the unbelievable nine consecutive victories that would follow. Boasting successes against some of the strongest rikishi, such as Ozeki Takakeisho, 2021 January Basho champion Komusubi Daieisho, as well as Ozeki Asanoyama and Komusubi Terunofuji, Takayasu has clearly asserted his dominance throughout this year’s Spring Basho.

Despite his day 11 setback to an ever-improving Ozeki Shodai, the Komusubi reversed the ill-tide by overcoming Hokutofuji on day 12 and now looks to be in full-stride marching into day 13. However, Takayasu will have to keep his guard-up, as he will face a strong-looking Maegashira #2 Wakatakakage, who has accumulated a 6 consecutive win streak since day 7 and now holds a total Basho tally of 8:4. With Asanoyama and Terunofuji hot on his tail, a failure against Wakatakakage could add unwanted pressure to Takayasu’s end-game plans. Victory on day 13 is therefore paramount for the Basho leader’s journey towards his first ever Makuuchi division title!

Asanoyama and Terunofuji Chasing for the Yūshō.

Brandishing four wins on the trot, Ozeki Asanoyama appears to have recovered from day 7 and day 8 upsets versus Maegashira #4 Kiribayama and Komusubi Daieisho. Bagging recent wins against Sekiwake Takanosho and Komusubi Mitakeumi, Asanoyama looks to be back in good form as he enters into the final stages of the tournament. Asanoyama will face the prowess of fellow Ozeki Takakeisho on day 13 – an all important bout for Asanoyama if he wishes to continue his pursuit on Takayasu and his bid for the Yūshō.

The final main threat to the Basho forerunner is the 2020 November champion, Terunofuji. Like Asanoyama, Terunofuji currently holds an excellent 9:3 win record, which provides him with a golden opportunity to at least replicate his superb 11:4 performance at the 2021 January Basho. However, after some poor defeats to the abysmally performing pair of Maegashira ranked wrestlers, Onosho and Shimanoumi, Terunofuji needs to find a consistent foothold in order to further his present tournament record. Drawn against Shodai on day 13, Terunofuji will need to get his Sumo together in order to take down the skill of an Ozeki

With day 13’s bouts beginning in less than 24 hours, we could be about to witness some of the Basho’s most important fights; although Takayasu, with his current 10:2 record does not technically need a win on day 13, Asanoyama and Terunofuji, however, cannot afford another defeat in their Basho campaign if they are to remain within contention for the Yūshō!

Please tune in to the Sumo action and stay safe!

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