March 2021: Days 4-6

The new battle for Yūshō between Ozeki, Komusubi, Sekiwake and Maegashira begins!

After a thrilling start to the 2021 Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, six confident wrestlers
have pulled ahead of the competition, each boasting stellar 5:1 win records. Currently leading the race for the Yūshō are: Asanoyama (Ozeki), Takanosho (Sekiwake), Terunofuji (Sekiwake), Takayasu (Komusubi), Myogiryu (Maegashira #4) and Chiyonokuni (Maegashira #9).

Asanoyama holds the line, upholding the Ozeki prestige.

Despite suffering an early defeat to Terunofuji, Ozeki Asanoyama has managed to claw his way back up to the top! With powerful victories against the likes of Onosho (Maegashira #1) and Meisei (Maegashira #3), the Ozeki competitor managed to level the playing field with the lower Komusubi, Sekiwake and Maegashira ranks – who were previously dominating the Basho. Heading into day 7, Asanoyama looks to extend his four-consecutive win streak, facing off against Maegashira #4 Kiribayama, who currently holds a less competitive 2:4 record.

Terunofuji continues to impress!

Fresh from winning the Gino-sho (technique prize) at the 2021 January Sumo event, Terunofuji’s performances have been on an impressive run of late! With early wins against Hokutufuji (Maegashira #2), Daieisho and Meisei, (Sekiwake) Terunofuji appeared to be on an unstoppable pursuit for the Yūshō. However, after falling short to a fierce Onosho on day 5, Terunofuji’s 4:0 winning streak came to a halt. The halt was brief, however, as day 6 saw him return to his winning ways, dismantling Kiribayama with a tsuridashi technique (a win by lifting an opponent out of the ring whilst gripping their mawashi belt). On day 7, Terunofuji will face Komusubi Mitakeumi – an all important bout for the Sekiwake as he looks to continue his pursuit for the Yūshō.

Takayasu returns to form!

Defeating fellow Komusubi earlier today with uwatedashinage (a pulling overarm throw), Takayasu – now with 5 consecutive victories under his belt – appears to be in outstanding form ahead of his forthcoming battle on day 7 against a struggling Takarafuji (1:5 win:loss record). Testament to the Komusubi’s spectacular run of results, was his early victory against Asanoyama – a success which naturally would have boosted Takayasu’s confidence to overcome the likes of Mitakeumi and Daieisho. With a successful bout against one of the leading competitors, Takayasu is well on his way to contend for the March Yūshō.

The fight gets tougher for Myogiryu.

Maegashira #4 wrestler Myogiryu suffered his first defeat in the Spring Basho on day 6,
losing to Hokutofuji’s oshidashi (frontal push out) kimarite (winning technique). Prior to the unsuccessful bout against the Maegashira #2 fighter, Myogiryu had become the leader of the tournament, showcasing a 5:0 record after 5 days of wrestling. However, the pressure is now on for Myogiryu; with his higher ranked peers now on the same level as him, can he retain his competitive stance and vie for the Yūshō? That remains to be seen.

Early promise from Chiyonokuni, but the toughest bouts are yet to come!

The final competitor – with a spectacular 5:1 record thus far – is Maegashira #9 Chiyonokuni.
Having failed to compete in the 2021 January Basho due to incidences of Covid-19 infections at the Kokonoe stable, Chiyonokuni raised a few
eyebrows with his strong performances in the Spring Tourney – overcoming his
Maegashira superiors, Kagayaki and Tobizaru. That being said, Chiyonokuni is yet to do battle with any of the Sanyaku ranked rikishi, such as Asanoyama or Terunofuji. Yet, in lieu of his Basho upsets, avid fans should keep an eye on the Maegashira #9 wrestler; the fight for the Yūshō is only just getting started!

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