November 2020: Days 10 to 12 (4/5)

Welcome back for MyDohyo’s fourth installment in our November review series, where we’ll provide another update on the yusho in addition to the significant highlights from the previous 3-Days of action.

Disappointing basho for Enho and Kiribayama

Well, it’s been a frustrating tournament for Maegashira #11 Enho and Maegashira #1 Kiribayama, with both men scoring at the very bottom of the Makuuchi leaderboard, with 2 wins and 10 losses (as of Day 12).

As covered in our previous installment of the 3-Day review series, Enho managed to secure his first victory of the basho against Aoiyama on Day 9. In our review, we outlined that Enho would need to capitalise on that victory if he was to have any hope of achieving a more respectable make-koshi (losing record) than finishing bottom of the division. Despite his best efforts in defeating Chiyotairyu on Day 10, Enho’s form has not returned and he lost subsequent bouts against Sadanoumi (3-9) and Ichinojo (5-7) on Days 11 and 12.

Ichinojo is still fighting to secure a kachi-koshi (winning record), with tough bouts to come against Kotoeko (6-6) and Aoiyama (4-8) on Days 13 and 14. A victory in both of these bouts would draw the Mongolian rikishi to an even 7 wins and 7 losses tournament record, meaning that his make-koshi or kachi-koshi deciding bout would come down to the final day.

Maegashira #1, Kiribayama is another rikishi at the bottom of the November leaderboard, with only 2 wins and 10 losses as of the end of play on Day 12. His first victory was scored on Day 4 against Sekiwake Mitakeumi and showed signs of early promise, however, a subsequent 7 Day losing streak had left the top Maegashira with a disappointing make-koshi losing record. There is some consolation for Kiribayama, as Day 12 saw him overcome Maegashira #11 Sadanoumi and post his second win of the basho.

Both Kiribayama and Enho are on the same 2-10 tournament record as of the end of play on Day 12. Enho is currently on a 2 Day losing streak and is looking unlikely to improve his tournament record over the next 3 Days. Kiribayama on the other hand, showed some promise in his Day 12 bout against Sadanoumi and contrary to Enho, has some momentum to capitalise on going forwards. As things stand, it is looking likely that Enho will finish bottom of the leaderboard in November.

Title fight intensifies between Ozeki and Maegashira #17

We mentioned the extraordinary nature of this season’s tournament winners in our November 2020 preview, however, the prospect of a third Maegashira #17 rikishi winning in November has us excited!

Maegashira #17 Shimanoumi (11-1) and Ozeki Takakeisho (11-1) have maintained their perfect records throughout the last 3-Days of play.

Shimanoumi overcame: Maegashira #14 Chiyonokuni (8-4), Maegashira #13 Hoshoryu (7-5) and Maegashira #10 Ryuden (9-3) on Days 10, 11 and 12 respectively.

Takakeisho – in a similar manner to Shimanoumi, although all Shimanoumi’s opponents were ranked higher than he was while all Takakeisho’s are ranked lower than him – won all his bouts since the last review against: Maegashira #5 Myogiryu (3-9), Maegashira #5 Kotoshoho (7-5) and Maegashira #6 Takarafuji (8-4).

Day 13 will prove pivotal to Maegashira #17, Shimanoumi’s title hopes, as he will face our last surviving Ozeki rikishi of the November basho (with both Shodai and Asanoyama out with injuries) in an all or nothing bout!

If both Shimanoumi and Takakeisho lose one game apiece during any of the final 3 Days, there could be a 3-way fight for the title between the Maegashira #13, Ozeki, and also Komusubi Terunofuji – who is closely following the leading pair with 10 wins and 2 losses as of Day 12.

Although this November tournament is entering its final stages of play, the yusho is still all to play for between the highest and lowest ranked rikishi, with the victor of Day 13’s bout – Takakeisho vs Shimanoumi – in pole position to take the yusho.

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