Day 15 Highlights

Day 15

Today marked the 15th and final day of play in the July 2020 basho and with the prospect of a four way fight for the Yūshō at the start of play, day 15’s action provided an entertaining ending to the first Sumo tournament since March.

Ichinojo Granted a Makuuchi Bout for Final Day

Ichinojo made a comeback to the Makuuchi division today after a 10 month absence from the top ranks of professional Sumo. Ichinojo’s last fight as a Makuuchi rikishi was in September 2019 where he fought four matches but pulled out of the basho after the fourth. His opening bout was granted to him after Kotoyuki pulled out of the tournament on day 14.

Ichinojo’s (9-5) final day bout was against Shohozan (4-10). Their respective ranks are: Juryu #5 and Maegashira #12.

Ichinojo vs Shohozan July 2020 Day 15

Ichinojo lost his final bout of July basho after suffering a defeat by oshidashi against his higher ranked opponent. Ichinojo’s final standing are 9 wins and 6 losses while Shohozan stands at 5 wins and 10 losses.

Endo Scores Kachi-Koshi

The final day of the July basho proved a success for Maegashira #1 Endo after securing a victory against Maegashira #7 and winner of the January 2020 basho, Tokushoryu. Today’s victory brought Endo a well-deserved kachi-koshi winning record and he will be looking for promotion for the September tournament.

Terunofuji Wins the Yūshō

Five years after winning his first Yūshō, Terunofuji made a spectacular comeback to the Makuuchi division; after a tense 14th day, the final day seemed much easier for the Maegashira #17 and former Ozeki after fighting a relatively simple final bout against Mitakeumi. Terunofuji will look to maintain his current momentum going into the September tournament and eye promotion.

Terunofuji vs Mitakeumi July 2020 Day 15

Disappointment for Asanoyama

Asanoyama was left without the opportunity to fight for his second tournament victory after Terunofuji beat Mitakeumi the bout prior. Asanoyama had the perfect chance to take the tournament lead into his own hands on day 14, however, his loss to Terutsuyoshi cost him dearly and in his final day interview the Shin-Ozeki lamented the loss. Regardless of the Yūshō, Asanoyama has fought a good basho and can take many positives into the next tournament where he will hope to take the first step into Yokozuna promotion territory.

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