Day 14 Highlights

Kotoyuki Absent Through Injury

Kotoyuki has pulled out of the July basho after sustaining a knee injury in his fight against Shimanoumi on Day 13.

Kotoyuki pulls out of July tournament after losing to Shimanoumi July 2020 Day 13.

Takanosho Secures Kachi-Koshi; Significant Final Bout for Tokushoryu

Takanosho secured his kachi-koshi on Day 14 in the bout against March basho winner: Tokushoryu. Takanosho now stands with 8 wins and 6 losses, while Tokushoryu is in a precarious position with 7 wins and 7 losses.

Takanosho VS Tokushoryu July 2020 Day 14

Onosho Wins For The First Time In The July Basho

Onosho had got off to a terrible start in this July basho, losing all 13 of his opening matches and was looking at ending the tournament with a perfect losing record – a feat only accomplished 4 times throughout history. Thankfully, the Maegashira #2 rikishi‘s fortunes were turned today and he managed to secure his first victory in this tournament against Ikioi.

Ikioi VS Onosho

Terunofuji loses to Sekiwake Shodai; Yūshō Update

An upset for Terunofuji saw him lose to the higher ranked opponent – Sekiwake Shodai – in the final half of play on Day 14. Both men have had a great tournament so far, with Shodai currently sitting at 11 wins and 3 losses and Terunofuji now sitting at 12 wins and 2 losses. Shodai is by no means out of title contention, however, all of: Mitakeumi, Terunofuji and Asanoyama must lose for him to claim the Yūshō.

Asanoyama lost in the final bout of the day versus Terutsuyoshi to go 11-3.

Asanoyama vs Terutsuyoshi July 2020 Day 14

Terunofuji remains the sole frontrunner in the Yūshō.

Yūshō update: Terunofuji (12-2), Asanoyama (11-3), Mitakeumi (11-3), Shodai (11-3).

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