Day 13 Highlights

Tochinoshin Kachi-Koshi

In the first bout of the day, Tochinoshin achieved his first kachi-koshi in over a year meaning he now has scored more wins than losses in this July basho. Tochinoshin fought Chiyomaru in the day 13 opening bout in a mawashi battle.

Tochinoshin’s kachi-koshi victory against Chiyomaru July 2020 Day 13.

Kotoshoho Kachi-Koshi

Along with Tochinoshin, the young rikishi Kotoshoho has achieved his kachi-koshi in the 6th bout of the day, against Chiyotairyu.

Kotoshoho vs Chiyomaru July 2020 Day 13

Takayasu Kachi-Koshi

Takayasu also achieved a July basho kachi-koshi, following his victory against Ishiura whom now holds a make-koshi (less wins than losses) losing record.

Takayasu VS Ishiura July 2020 Day 13

Hokutofuji Kachi-Koshi

Hokutofuji also secured his kachi-koshi in this July basho in his fight against Endo. Hokutofuji now stands at 8 wins and 5 losses; Endo on the otherhand is facing a make-koshi if he doesn’t win the rest of his remaining bouts.

Endo VS Hokutofuji July 2020 Day 13

Kachi-Koshi Okinoumi; Make-Koshi Enho

Okinoumi secured his kachi-koshi today after beating Enho in a tough bout which started with a matta.

Unfortunately for Enho, he now has a make-koshi in this July basho. His tournament record has failed to pick up the pace since the victory against Ozeki Takakeisho was taken away from him by the gyoji’s controversial decision.

Enho VS Okinoumi July 2020 Day 13

Terunofuji beats Asanoyama for Yūshō leadership

Asanoyama and Terunofuji fought an intense bout on Day 13 of the July tournament with the prospect of either rikishi taking the tournament lead by winning the match. After a long battle, Terunofuji got the upper hand and thrust Asanoyama out of the dohyo by yorikiri.

If Terunofuji beats Shodai on Day 14 and Asanoyama loses to Terutsuyoshi, Terunofuji will claim the Yūshō.

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