Watch Grand Sumo Live – Day 11 (29th of July 2020)

Sumo has provided some excellent highlights reels over the years, but is equally as riveting live! So, why not join us in watching the July basho live through the following channels:

Watch Grand Sumo Highlights on NHK-World Japan!

Broadcast for the second half of action starts at 17:30 BST or 16:30 UTC on the 28th of July.

Check out mbovosumo’s live twitch stream here

Live action from the July Basho Day – 11, Starting at 06:45 BST or 05:45 UTC on the 29th of July!

NOTE: broadcast begins with the lower division begin first so Makuuchi begins from around 08:00BST.

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Game / Software Developer and Sumo fan

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