July 2020 Day 9: Enho denied victory against Ozeki Takakeisho

In the penultimate bout of the day, Maegashira #6 Enho faced Ozeki Takakeisho in a fierce encounter which ended after a controversial decision by the gyoji gifted Takakeisho the victory.

Enho VS Takakeisho July 2020 Day 10

The match referee awarded Takakeisho the bout after a mono-ii (a process whereby the sideline referees congregate to elucidate which rikishi left the ring first) gave the gyoji‘s decision the benefit of the doubt, because Enho was “flying out of the ring before Takakeisho”. However, the video footagle clearly shows Takakeisho’s foot landing outside the ring before Enho makes contact with the ground.

Takakeisho out before Enho, July 2020 Day 9

With the benefit of hind-sight that video analysis offers, Enho will be frustrated when re-watching this bout, to find that he was robbed of his second ever victory over an Ozeki rikishi – his first was against the now retired former Ozeki Goeido in January 2020.

Enho vs Goeido January 2020 Day 9

Meanwhile, Takakeisho will be breathing a sigh of relief over the gyoji‘s decision, since this bout now puts him 1 match closer to a kachi-koshi (more wins than losses) with his current record at 6 wins and 3 losses.

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