Day-3 Highlight Bout: Terutsuyoshi vs Ishiura

Day 3 saw Maegashira #7 Terutsuyoshi take on the speedy Maegashira #8, Ishiura. Terutsuyoshi started this bout with a perfect tournament score, achieving 2 wins and 0 losses as of the start of play on the 21st: beating both Tokushoryu and Ryuden consecutively on days 1 and 2 of the July basho. Ishiura on the other hand got off to a slow start in this tournament, losing both of his opening bouts: losing to Chiyotairyu on day 1 and to Ikioi on day 2.

Terutsuyoshi VS Ishiura, July 2020 Day-3

Historical records of the pair’s bouts were in Ishiura’s favour at the start of the match, with 3 wins and 2 losses against his higher ranked opponent. Terutsuyoshi entered the match with the determination to balance the score sheet; however, with a quick and powerful tachi-ai, Terutsuyoshi was out manoeuvered by Ishiura, who then had the momentum to rotate and push the higher ranked rikishi out of the dohyo. Ishiura won by yorikiri (“Frontal force out”).

Both rikishi also met at the March 2020 tournament with Ishiura once again coming out on top.

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