July 2020 Day 1: Opening day upset for Yokozuna Kakuryu.

The opening day’s action saw a major upset for Yokozuna Kakuryu where he failed to defeat the Maegashira #1 rikishi Endo. The lower ranked wrestler won the bout by koshikudake (an “inadvertent collapse”) after Kakuryu attempted to disrupt the balance of his opponent through an attempted trip.

Watch the the action from Day-1 July Basho below:

In the previous tournament – March 2020 – Kakuryu secured 12 wins and 3 losses, beating Endo on the 12th day with a uwatenage (“over arm throw”) after an initial matta (false initial charge).

Endo had a rather disappointing March basho, winning only 7 bouts and losing 8. Although he only managed a make-koshi in March, Endo has started off well in this July tournament and if he carries on along this path, it could be worth keep an eye on the Maegashira #1 rikishi over the course of the next 14 days.

Watch the action from Day-12 March Basho below:

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